INDUSILENT transfer grille

Compact and acoustically highly effective transfer grille for partition wall installation.

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INDUSILENT strengths


Low pressure drops


The INDUSILENT is a ventilation element that allows architects and interior designers greater creative freedom. It is available as a slender 20 mm joint or with an attractive decorative cover. The installation can be designed to be almost invisible through the use of specific architectural elements.


Standard sound level differential Dn,e,w >50 dB. Building material class A2 according to DIN 4102 (incombustible).


The INDUSILENT enables the free transfer of air from room to room. The acoustic weakening of the partition wall as a result of installing the transfer grille is mitigated by the integration of a highly effective inner lining. Taking into account a maximum pressure differential of 10 Pa, specific air flow rates of up to 140 m³/hm are possible.

Installation length 500, 800, 1000, 1200 mm standard lenght on stock
  special lengths on request
Box height 230 mm or 340 mm (Type T) / 300 mm (Type S)
Air flow rates Up to 140 m³/hm at 10 Pa pressure drop
Sound absorption high Standard sound level differential, tested by Fraunhofer Institute
Wall thickness From 58 mm (Type TS)
Building material class according to DIN 4102 A2 (incombustible), fibre-free in the air stream

Installation situation

The transfer grille is installed between the board layers during construction of the drywall. Once the drywall and plastering works are finished, the dust protection must be removed from the air slots. With type TR/SR, a decorative frame is fitted on both sides.

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