Ceiling air diffuser

Enables comfortable cooling and powerful heating. In cooling mode, the air diffuser operates as a highly inductive swirl diffuser. In heating mode, its large penetration depth allows supply air to be delivered far into the room.

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INDULTHERM strengths


Thermomechanical changeover from cooling to heating with no external power supply. Low pressure drop enables energy efficient operation.


Attractive design, available in a square or round version.


Air is distributed throughout the interior without creating a draught, with a temperature differential of down to -12 K. Large penetration depth in heating mode.


The air diffuser operates in cooling mode as a highly inductive swirl diffuser and offers a draught-free ambient air flow. When the supply air temperature rises (heating mode), it switches – automatically and with no external power supply – from horizontal to vertical air discharge with a large penetration depth.

Due to the excellent induction effect in cooling mode, the INDULTHERM air diffuser is also ideal for use with split or multi-split air conditioning units. The INDULTHERM-e has been specially developed to accommodate the rapid changes in supply air temperature that these units require. The INDULTHERM-e includes a servomotor that enables fast changeover via an external control signal (0-10 V).

Sizes 600 mm and 625 mm
Designs Round and square
Supply air temperature difference Down to -12 K (cooling mode) / up to +15 K (heating mode)
Flow rate 180 - 1000 m³/h
Room heights 3 m to approx. 7 m
Colour of front panel RAL colour of choice
Single elements Black or light grey (RAL 7035), other colours possible on request
Butterfly damper Adjustable from the room

Air distribution

In cooling mode, cooled air is distributed across the room with no draught, as an optimum mixture and at a temperature of down to -12 K. In heating mode, despite the difference in density, warm air is distributed throughout the entire interior down to near floor level.

INDULTHERM in cooling and heating mode – air flow videos

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In order to be able to view this video, you must allow marketing cookies to be set in cookie privacy settings.

Installation situation

INDULTHERM ceiling air diffusers with three-point fixing for type RR and four-point fixing for type RQ for countersunk dome-head screws. When an inspection is due, the front panel can simply be removed from the plenum box. The plenum box is equipped as standard with an adjustable butterfly damper that can be adjusted from within the room, and has eight holes at the top for suspension on site. 

  • INDULTHERM at the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex in Essen, Germany

    The most beautiful colliery in the world. The UNESCO World Heritage Site with the INDULTHERM from Kiefer.

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