INDUDRALL ceiling air diffuser

Highly inductive ceiling air diffuser in a variety of designs, shapes and colours. Special designs offer plenty of scope for customisation to suit specific interiors.

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INDUDRALL strengths


Low pressure drop and high temperature differentials are the prerequisites for energy efficient operation in the air conditioning system as a whole.


Very distinctive ceiling air diffusers that are frequently employed as an aesthetic element of the ceiling architecture.


Flow-optimised Kiefer air guide elements enable draught-free air induction, even under demanding conditions.


Air is discharged from the front panel of the INDUDRALL in a fan-like pattern. Single elements are combined into blocks that emit air jets for optimum ambient air induction. Shortly after being discharged from the diffuser, the temperature differentials are largely balanced out. The result is a highly turbulent ambient air flow, which is ideal for achieving low ambient air velocities and low temperature differentials. The air duct elements offer scope for a wide variety of solutions that are optimally adapted to the individual circumstances. Single elements can also be adjusted or replaced after installation if interiors change over time.

Sizes 300 mm - 800 mm
Designs Round and square
Supply air temperature difference Down to -12 K
Air flow rate 100 - 1600 m³/h
Room heights 2.3 m to approx. 8 m
Colour of front panel RAL colour of choice
Single elements Black or light grey (RAL 7035); other colours available on request
Butterfly damper Adjustable from the room

INDUDRALL discharge characteristics and ambient air flow

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Installation situation

The INDUDRALL is particularly suitable for difficult conditions such as low room heights. Thanks to the very high induction ratio, installation is even possible without a suspended ceiling.

  • Land Securities head office, London

    The new interiors are flooded with light and benefit from the increased room height.
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    Foto © Timothy Soar

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