• Vienna University of Economics and Business

    One of the five complex of building was planned by the internationally known architects Atelier Hitoshi Abe, Japan.

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  • Vienna University of Economics and Business

    One of the five complex of building was planned by the internationally known architects CABstudio, London.

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  • Vienna University of Economics and Business

    The top priority for the construction of the campus of economics in Vienna was a contemporary university concept. The Transfer Grille INDUSILENT offers a great creative freedom for architects. By using specially designed architectural elements, the installation can be realized completely flexible.

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Transfer Grilles INDUSILENT - Vienna University of Economics and Business

Five building complexes designed by internationally acclaimed architects surround the Library and Learning Centre. The combined area of the buildings covers approximately 35.000 square metres, with the remaining 55.000 square metres designed as publicly accessible space.

25.000 students and 1500 employees are able to work, study, conduct research and teach on campus at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Alongside conventional teaching and learning spaces, libraries and offices, the university campus is also home to various publicly accessible facilities including restaurants, a bakery, a supermarket, bookshops, a kindergarten and a sports centre. In addition, there are also event areas that can be hired, particularly during lecture-free periods.

Because it has been designed by famous architects, this project demanded solutions with high architectural merit. With the INDUSILENT through-flow element, these demands were met and implemented for the through-flow openings from the offices into the corridors. A total of 750 linear metres of INDUSILENT were installed in the buildings  EA, D3/AD and D2/SC. In cooperation with the architects, we developed special solutions for installation in door elements, and as strips with covering frames. 

With multiple through-flow elements mounted vertically beside each other, the groups of INDUSILENT through-flow elements reflect the distinctive design of the building. The number of active slots varies according to the local ventilation requirements. In this way even the large quantities of air from meeting rooms have optimum flow through into the corridors. 

Both the slim 20mm-joint INDUSILENT model and those with elegant, decorative covers leave plenty of design freedom for the architects. The installation can be entirely flexible and adapted to project-specific requirements. The way is open for unrestricted imagination.

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Building: Vienna University of Economics and Business
Proprietor: Vienna University of Economics and Business
Architects: NO.MAD Arquitectos, Madrid, CRABstudio, Estudio Carme Pinós S. L., Barcelona, Zaha Hadid Architects, Hamburg, BUSarchitektur ZT GmbH, Vienna, Atelier Hitoshi Abe, Japan, Holzer Kobler Architekturen Berlin GmbH with Freimüller Söllinger
Planning office: KWI Engineers GmbH, Vienna
Completion: 10/2013
Product: Transfer Grilles INDUSILENT, 750 linear meters
Construction Volume: 90.000 m2

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INDUSILENT Vienna University of Economics and Business ↓

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Function Transfer Grille INDUSILENT

INDUSILENT enables free transfer of air from room to room. The acoustic weakening of the partition wall as a result of the transfer grille installation is minimised owing to the highly effective integrated inner lining. Taking account of a maximum pressure difference of 20 Pa, specific air flow rates of up to 200 m³/hm are possible.

System advantages

  • Quick and easy installation
  • For flush partition wall installation
  • High input attenuation
  • Low pressure losses
  • Incombustible sound insulation lining
  • New deco-frame type … G

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