INDULVENT connect fan coil system

Decentralised recirculating air cooling system that sets new standards in terms of dimensions, cooling capacity, acoustics and thermal comfort. The INDULVENT connect offers 3D ambient air conditioning: maximum cooling capacity, low level acoustics and highly effective induction characteristics result in above-average user satisfaction.

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INDULVENT connect strengths


The INDULVENT connect only responds to the actual cooling demand of the interior, thus avoiding unnecessary energy losses. The use of energy saving EC technology and variable flow rates, adapted to the actual cooling load, ensure high energy efficiency at low operating costs.


Dimensions no larger than those of standard air diffusers allow the INDULVENT connect to be integrated into all commonly used ceiling systems. Different designs and numerous special solutions offer interior designers and architects greater creative freedom than is found with conventional recirculating air cooling systems.


Decentralised recirculating air cooling system with a cooling capacity of up to 2550 watts for maximum thermal comfort. The hinged front panel enables maintenance and cleaning work to be carried out quickly and easily from within the room. The optional bus-compatible controller enables independent operation as well as integration in a BMS.


The energy saving, acoustically optimised EC fan draws ambient air into the casing and cools it via the integral ring cooler. The cooled ambient air is then returned to the room via the front panel, which features highly inductive air guide vanes. The advantage of combining a recirculating air cooler with inductive air injection is the significantly higher level of thermal comfort. In contrast to conventional systems, which blow supply air straight into the room without mixing it thoroughly with ambient air, the recirculating air cooler creates a pleasant, draught-free ambient air flow, as is typical of Kiefer products.

INDULVENT connect units always have a condensate pan and a condensate pump with float switch to ensure operational reliability. This means any condensate can be easily discharged. The optional controller enables the units to be controlled individually or to be grouped into a control zone comprising multiple master/follower units without further outlay on control technology.

Cooling capacity Up to 2550 W
Size 600 x 600 mm / 625 x 625 mm
Installation length 335 mm
Cold water temperatures 6 - 14°C
Accessories Straight-through valve with 1/2" thermal actuator for cold water shut-off during downtimes; remote switch

Air flow path

The centrifugal fan draws warm ambient air into the unit through the central air intake in the front panel. The air flows through a filter fleece in the intake duct to protect the internal components from dust and dirt.

INDULVENT connect recirculating air cooling system – air flow video

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Installation situation

The INDULVENT connect casing is no larger than that of a standard air diffuser and can be easily integrated into all common ceiling systems. The RQF version enables suspended installation where there is no suspended ceiling, without any reduction in comfort levels.

Maintenance and easy cleaning

The INDULVENT connect complies with the hygiene requirements of air handling systems to VDI 6022. The front panel can be opened without tools via the standard folding hinge. This makes the casing, filter, fan, heat exchanger, condensate pan, etc. easily accessible for cleaning.

Maintenance-friendly accessibility -

simply pivot the front panel open

INDULVENT ec RQD front panel

suitable for ceiling installation

INDULVENT ec RQF front panel

suitable for installation in suspended ceilings
  • INDULVENT recirculating air cooling system

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