• Intelligentes Lüftungssystem für Schulen nicht nur in Coronazeiten

    Das BTA-Lüftungssystem CONCRETCOOL hat sich vielfach in der Praxis bewährt und ist gerade für Schul- und Verwaltungsneubauten eine nachhaltige Lösung. Wie hier an den Berufskollegs Recklinghausen.
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    Foto © Hans Jürgen Landes Fotografie
  • Foto © Roland Halbe

    New reference book: "Klimatechnik im Einklang mit der Architektur"

    The second edition of the reference book is a source of inspiration for architects, planners and building owners with a technical knowledge section on the basics of air-conditioning technology. Available here >>

    photo: © Roland Halbe
  • Lighthouse project with sea view

    The air ventilation solutions in the Büsum Lighthouse Hotel & Spa show that technology and design need not be contradictory.

    Photo © Rainer Taepper
  • INDUL - Slimline linear diffuser for maximum thermal comfort

    INDUL free jet characteristics are unique in enabling a continuously diffuse ambient air flow.


Air conditioning technology in harmony with architecture

Kiefer develops and sells high-quality air diffusers, fan coil systems, chilled ceiling panels and concrete core cooling systems worldwide. In close cooperation with our engineering business we extended and implemented our practical experience in new developments of our ventilation components and systems.


Feel-good climate for a luxury resort

The Öschberghof is a 5-star superior resort on the edge of the Black Forest, Lake Constance and Switzerland. Over a period of 4 years, the hotel complex was expanded on a grand scale from a mixture of new construction and renovation of existing buildings.

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All products at a glance!

The new Kiefer product catalogue brings function, technology and application examples of all products together in one overview. Take a look at it right away.

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Ventilation system components

Linear air diffusers, wall passages, displacement outlets, chilled ceiling panels and concrete core cooling systems for an optimum and draught-free room air flow.

Ventilation and air-conditioning systems

We efficiently realize the complete plant technology for the comfort and industrial sector including building control system and maintenance.


Consulting and Planning

Kiefer experts develop individual ventilation solutions, support your construction project with ambient air flow analyses and support as partners for maintenance and service.

Kiefer Klimatechnik GmbH

Kiefer Klimatechnik GmbH is a leading company in the field of ventilation, air handling and air conditioning technology. Our range of services includes consulting, planning and execution of systems for thermal comfort and industrial air conditioning, as well as the associated installation and maintenance. For more than three decades, Kiefer has also been selling high grade ventilation components worldwide, such as linear diffusers, wall passages, displacement outlets, chilled ceiling panels and concrete core cooling systems, developed in the company's own laboratories.

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