INDULCLIP Z-A ceiling air diffuser

Supply and extract air diffuser in one compact unit. Two in one: this diffuser has just one supply and extract air zone, which provides more scope for creative ceiling design. It also saves on investment, installation and maintenance costs.

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INDULCLIP Z-A strengths


Low supply air temperatures create high potential for saving energy through the use of free cooling.


Reducing the number of diffusers by up to 50 % allows greater freedom in ceiling design.


Proven, highly inductive air guide elements ensure draught-free ambient air flow.


The INDULCLIP Z-A is a combined supply and extract air diffuser with a compact design. The supply air section in the external part of the unit supplies the room with air via a ceiling air diffuser that is based on a tried and trusted design. Highly inductive and effective, even with large temperature differentials of down to -10 K and substantial air flow rates. The extract air is channelled through the centre of the air diffuser and passes through a connector to enter the extract air part of the ventilation system.

Sizes 600 x 600 mm / 625 x 625 mm
Design square
Supply air temperature difference down to -10 K
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Sizes 600 x 600 mm / 625 x 625 mm
Design square
Supply air temperature difference down to -10 K
Technical data Download »
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Flow patterns

The individual air jets flowing through the air guide elements create a stable tangential flow pattern, flush with the ceiling. The air stream adheres to the ceiling due the Coanda effect. As a result, ambient air is induced, which produces the ideal balance of both air temperature and velocity.

INDULCLIP Z-A ceiling air diffuser – air flow video

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Installation situation and designs

The INDULCLIP Z-A is suitable for installation in all the most common system ceilings. Internal components can be accessed for maintenance and cleaning purposes through the front plate (VDI 6022). Type RQF does not require additional ceiling area for draught-free air supply and can therefore be used in interiors without suspended ceilings.

Installation situation
INDULCLIP Z-A compact unit
for supply and extract air
INDULCLIP Z-A (RQD) front plate
suitable for ceiling installation
INDUDRALL Z-A (RQF) front plate
suitable for ceiling installation where there is not a suspended ceiling

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