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  • Customer Centre Savings Bank Bayreuth

    New construction of the customer center in Bayreuth with integration of our Fan Coil System INDULVENT ec as flush-mounted and without tools hinged front plate in the ceiling system.

    Photo © Gerhard Hagen
  • Customer Centre Savings Bank Bayreuth

    Combination Ceiling Fan Coil System INDULVENT ec with Induction Cooling System INDULCLIP-DIK 

    Photo © Gerhard Hagen

New Construction Customer Centre Savings Bank Bayreuth

With its newly constructed customer centre on Luitpoldplatz in the heart of the city, Sparkasse Bayreuth demonstrates its commitment to sustainable solutions. The new building blends perfectly into the cityscape, with its gross floor area of 6070 square metres and 22,690 cubic metres of interior space, dressed in an elegant, yet understated, sandstone exterior. The ventilated sandstone façade is thermally insulated with mineral wool, as an energy efficiency measure. 
To be able to deliver prompt and personal customer service, together with expert consultations, is very important to the company. Around 200 members of staff will look after more than 60,000 customers. The aim was to create a modern and comfortable working environment that offered an additional "feel good" factor. Powerful and reliable air conditioning equipment that could be seamlessly integrated into the overall architectural concept was therefore essential.

The technological challenge

Integrating the ceiling fan coil units into the "Danoline Contur" (with mounting rails concealed by ceiling panels) and "Belgravia" grid ceiling systems resulted in a visually appealing solution that also met the client's hygiene requirements. A front panel, that can be opened without tools, was integrated flush with the ceiling system and with uniform gaps. 
This necessitated modifications to front panel dimensions, edges and fastenings to the unit box; a three-dimensional adjustment of the opening mechanism with regard to lift and opening angle; specific alignment of each unit with the air and water connections to the mounting rails; and the determination of a visually identical opening direction of the front panels. In some cases, the air connections on the units had to be relocated due to space restrictions. Trade partners, architects, design engineers, installers and Kiefer worked closely together to achieve a professional outcome.

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Object: New Construction Customer Centre Savings Bank Bayreuth, Luitpoldplatz
Proprietor: Savings Bank Bayreuth
Planner: BAURCONSULT, Haßfurt
Architect: BAURCONSULT Architekten + Ingenieure, Haßfurt
Product: Ceiling Fan Coil System INDULVENT ec
Special feature: Combination Ceiling Fan Coil System INDULVENT ec with Induction Cooling System INDULCLIP-DIK

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Function INDULVENT ec - Comfort Ceiling Fan Coil System

Local ceiling fan coil systems allow the flexible use of available space. For high comfort requirements, INDULVENT ec ensures draught-free ambient air flow with high cooling capacity and low sound power levels.
The compact unit employs a fan with energysaving EC technology.

System advantage

  • Draught-free ambient air distribution with cooling capacity up to 2600 W
  • Low sound power levels
  • Only electrical, cooling water and condensate connections required
  • Energy-saving EC technology
  • Stepless power regulation
  • Integrated condensate pump Open BUS architecture

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