Concrete Core Cooling

CONCRETCOOL – a symbiosis between component temperature control and supply air provides comfort with high energy efficiency owing to maximum utilisation of free cooling. Almost completely invisible introduction of supply air. Above-average customer satisfaction.

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The strengths of CONCRETCOOL


High energy savings thanks to maximum utilisation of free cooling and a total heat recovery rate of > 95 %.


Air ducts are not visible in the room: air diffusers are integrated unobtrusively into the concrete ceiling or corridor Partition.


The cooling medium is air, so there is no risk of it freezing on construction sites in winter and drilling into pipes does not lead to water damage.


Cooling tubes, made of aluminium with high thermal conductivity and with diameters of 60 or 80 mm, are cast into concrete ceilings in a grid. The internal surface is ribbed to improve heat transfer. The supply air is not fed directly to the rooms: it firstly flows through the cooling tubes within the concrete ceilings. This warms the cold supply air to approximately ceiling temperature, the required  heat being taken from the ceiling. This withdrawal of heat provides the cooling for the ceiling. This supply air is then fed to the room through Kiefer air diffusers, meeting the hygiene requirement for fresh air. An outlet temperature of approximately 21°C is achieved for the supply air without using a supplementary heater. The process is self-regulating and virtually free of variation. The temperature is extremely stable owing to the high storage capacity of the concrete ceilings. Heat recovery by the ventilation system is increased to over 95 % by the addition of the CONCRETCOOL system. As a result, the requirements set out in the German Renewable Energies Act are exceeded. Combined with the potential of free cooling, this results in unparalleled operating costs and high energy savings.

Cooling capacity (unsteady) 30 - 70 W/m²
Tube diameter 60 and 80 mm
Material Aluminium
Heat transfer up to 90%
Ceiling strength 22 – 35 cm
Specific air flow rate 6 - 7,5 m³/hm²

Cooling tube coil in concrete ceiling

CONCRETCOOL cooling tubes are available in 60 or 80 mm tube diameter. The heat transfer efficiency of the installed tube in the concrete lays between 20 and 30 W/m²K.


Installation situation

When dimensioning the CONCRETCOOL system units, an individual technical solutions is drawn up for each project.

CONCRETCOOL in the planning stage

We will create a CONCRETCOOL system proposal for you, free of charge. We would be happy to produce a control concept for the best use of our system together with the ventilation system. As air-conditioning experts, we moreover offer you a full range of services in ambient air technology, from planning through to commissioning.

Cooling tube in combination

with ceiling air diffuser GLS 230 connection in ceiling paneling
Detailzeichnungen CONCRETCOOL

Cooling tube in combination

with wall air passage INDULSNAP combination supply- and extract air

Cooling tube in combination

with linear diffuser INDUL in ceiling paneling

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