• Vocational Colleges Herwig-Blankertz and Max-Born in Recklinghausen, Germany

    Two compact, generously glazed buildings with 17,600 m² of floor space, along with a five-field sports hall, combine to create a central public free space called the Campus Vest.

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  • Vocational Colleges Recklinghausen, Germany

CONCRETCOOL - Vocational Colleges Recklinghausen

The Herwig Blankertz and Max Born Vocational Training Colleges in Recklinghausen now has new premises in converted colliery buildings. Two compact, generously glazed buildings, with an effective area of 17,600 m², form together with a five-court sports building a central public space, the Campus Vest. For comfortable conditions in the rooms, which permit concentration while working at any season of the year and any time of day, an integral energy and building concept was developed in which the CONCRETCOOL ventilation system has a central role along with the dual-shell building envelope and a replacement-air system. By exploiting the internal loads, the thermal storage capacity of the structure, and the weather-dependent sun-blinds, the energy needs for ventilation and heating have been minimised in comparison with conventional building management systems.

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Object: Herwig-Blankertz- und Max-Born-Vocational Colleges Recklinghausen, Germany
Architects: scholl architekten partnerschaft
Proprietor: Kreis Recklinghausen - Der Landrat
Planning office: Pfeil & Koch Ingenieurgesellschaft, Stuttgart
Scope: 17.600 m² conditioned area
System: Concrete core cooling with air CONCRETCOOL
  The ventilation system is integrated into the ceilings so that it is invisible.
Air flow rate: 9 m³/hm² (exch. rate = 2.7 x /h)

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Function concrete core cooling CONCRETCOOL

In contrast to conventional systems, in which supply air is fed directly into the working areas, the air first flows through aluminium cooling tubes cast into the ceilings. Thereby the supply air cools the ceiling. At the same time the gain of heat is used to warm up the supply air.

System advantages

  • Optimum thermal comfort
  • Additional ceiling cooling with water is not required
  • Free cooling provides energy savings of up to 50%
  • Full flexibility and conversion costs avoided due to modular cooling tubes
  • Cooling only with outdoor air – no air circulation required
  • Construction costs reduced due to low floor height

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