• After almost five years of construction, Swatch inaugurates its new headquarters in Biel, one of the world's largest wooden structures designed by Japanese star architect Shigeru Ban.

    Photo © Swatch
  • Inside the building, a total of 25,000 m² of floor space is spread over 5 floors for all departments of Swatch International and Swatch Switzerland.

    Photo © Swatch
  • The architect Shigeru Ban - winner of the Pritzker Prize - is known for his filigree structures and unconventional methods in architecture.

    Photo © Swatch

INDUSILENT - Swatch Headquarter, Biel

Swatch inaugurates its new headquarters in Biel.

One of the world’s largest timber structures, designed by the Japanese star architect Shigeru Ban. Heralding a new chapter in the history of the brand, this building defies current conventions, just like the watches that are created there. The shimmering, curved silhouette of the new Swatch building extends over a total length of 240 meters and a width of 35 meters. At its highest point, the façade measures 27 meters. The unusual design breaks with the conventions of classic office building architecture and blends harmoniously into the urban environment. The building’s forms awaken the imagination – like a work of art, the interpretation lies in the eye of the beholder. The vaulted façade with an area of over 11,000 m² rises gently towards the entrance and transitions to the Cité du Temps. Both exterior and interior of the building are interspersed with a variety of leitmotifs, with curved shapes, colors and transparency, as well as with the unusual use of classic materials and building elements.

Inside the building, 25,000 m² of floor space is spread over five floors for all departments of Swatch International and Swatch Switzerland. The surface area of the four upper floors decreases successively from floor to floor, while galleries with glass balustrades provide a view of the lower floors. 

Use of the INDUSILENT transfer grille

The standard grille consits of a plenum box with integrated sound attenuation and is suitable for flush installation in narrow partition walls. It has a low pressure drop and a high sound attenuation value Rw.

Project: Swatch Headquarter, Biel
Architect: Shigeru Ban, Tokyo
Proprietor: Swatch Group AG, Biel
Products: Transfer Gilles INDUSILENT TG special type 70 pcs, INDUSILENT SG 152 pcs
Construction volume: 25.000 m²

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Function INDUSILENT transfer grille

The INDUSILENT enables the free transfer of air from room to room. The acoustic weakening of the partition wall as a result of installing the transfer grille is mitigated by the integration of a highly effective inner lining. Taking into account a maximum pressure differential of 20 Pa, specific air flow rates of up to 200 m³/hm are possible.

System advantages

  • Quick and easy installation
  • For flush partition wall installation
  • High input attenuation
  • Low pressure losses
  • Incombustible sound insulation lining

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