• Hotel architecture between the mountains and the lakeside

    INDUL linear diffusers ensure a feel-good climate inside the hotel

    Photo © Seehotel Sternen
  • INDUL linear diffuser in the Venus restaurant

    Dining in style overlooking the lake and mountains

    Photo © Seehotel Sternen
  • Draught-free ventilation provides comfort

    Renovation and redesign of the Neptun restaurant achieved with the INDUL linear diffuser

    Photo © Seehotel Sternen

Linear diffuser INDUL - Seehotel Sternen, Horw Bay, Switzerland

Located right by Lake Lucerne in the picturesque Horw Bay just a few minutes' drive from Lucerne itself, the acclaimed Seehotel Sternen offers its guests an exclusive ambience. Up until 1985, the site was occupied by an inn of the same name that offered shelter, food and drink to passengers waiting for the ferry. Today, this magnificent spot nestled between the mountain panorama and inviting lake attracts all types of holidaymakers, ranging from those seeking tranquillity right through to active tourists and cultural sightseers. Far from any noise and bustle, the hotel epitomises peace, comfort and relaxation: its 25 single and double rooms all have either a view of Lake Lucerne and the world-renowned Mount Pilatus, or a view of the hillside and local area. In the three restaurants Venus, Neptun and the homely and cosy country inn, there is something to suit every taste. The function rooms Uranus, Jupiter and Riedstübli can be used for a wide variety of events, and with seating for up to 135 people, offer the ideal space for wedding or birthday celebrations. Corporate events and seminars can also be held in the fully technologically equipped Jupiter or Uranus rooms. 

Since 1938, Lucerne-based architectural company Camenzind Architekten AG has been responsible for the overall management of the architecture and the construction management of the modernisation work. The design of the building's technical facilities was undertaken by local design engineers Amstein + Walthert AG, in collaboration with our Swiss Kiefer representative, Air Kraft AG, based in Winterthur.

Out of the box thinking to meet high standards in design and air conditioning technology

In addition to the special dimensions of the suspended ceiling structure, the main challenge in this ventilation system modernisation project was how to perfectly integrate the linear diffusers into the slatted wooden and metal ceilings. An aesthetic solution was found by replacing one wooden or metal slat at intervals with the 24 mm wide INDUL linear diffuser. To achieve a ceiling edge flush with the slats, the air duct neck was extended from the standard 65 mm to 130 mm. Painting the discharge profile, supporting profile and freely suspended neck in the colour of the slatted ceiling also enabled the linear diffuser to be incorporated aesthetically but unobtrusively into the ceiling design.

Project: Seehotel Sternen, Horw
Proprietor: Korporation Horw
Building services design engineers: Amstein + Walthert AG, Horw
Architects: Camenzind Architekten AG
Air diffuser system: INDUL linear diffuser special design AP24 freely suspended

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Function linear diffuser INDUL

The supply air is divided into fine individual jets which distribute the supply air into the room at an angle of 45° alternately to the left and to the right. The result is an especially uniform air distribution with an optimal diffuse ambient air flow, and no noticeable draughts.

System advantages

  • Completely draught-free air distribution
  • Low diffuser widths, from 15 mm
  • Unobtrusive installation in ceiling joints
  • Temperature differences up to -14 K
  • Light, clean ceilings due to fine-jet characteristics
  • Simple, quick and clean installation in all ceiling systems

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