• SRH Theme Restaurant CUBE in Heidelberg

    The building project includes the conversion and renovation of the existing eatery, including the kitchens and cafeteria.

    Photo © SRH Holding

Ceiling air diffuser INDUDRALL - SRH Theme Restaurant „CUBE“, Heidelberg

The building project involved renovating and redeveloping the existing canteen, including the kitchen and cafeteria. In the serving area, a new acoustic ceiling had to be installed due to the noise generated from the ventilation system situated opposite. The optimised ventilation system controls the supply and extracted air in a flexible manner depending on the air quality and will lead to huge energy savings in the future.

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Object: Renovation Mensa Heidelberg
Proprietor: SRH Holding, Bonhoefferstr. 1, Heidelberg
Architects: Architekturbüro Donnig + Unterstab
Planning office: Willhaug Gebäudetechnik, Mosbach
Installation: INDUDRALL
Type of ceiling: Closed plasterboard ceiling with acoustic
Scope: 256 pieces INDUDRALL Size 300
Air flow: Variable

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Function Ceiling air diffuser INDUDRALL

A visually appealing highly inductive ceiling air diffuser featuring a designer front plate.The INDUDRALL has been developed specifically for comfort applications. It is ideal for locations where boundary conditions make installation difficult (low room heights, high closeness, high air exchange rate per hour and high thermal loads, for example). Thanks to its very high induction ratio, it can even be installed without a suspended ceiling.

System advantages

  • Temperature differences of up to –12 K
  • Extremely low ambient air velocities
  • Sizes from 300...800 mm
  • Air flow rate from 100…1600 m3/h
  • Plenum box with butterfly damper that can be adjusted from inside the room

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