• Kühldeckenpaneel INDUCOOL - EURO PLAZA in Vienna

    The top priority for the construction of the campus of economics in Vienna was a contemporary university concept. The Transfer Grille INDUSILENT offers a great creative freedom for architects. By using specially designed architectural elements, the installation can be realized completely flexible.

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Chilled-ceiling panel INDUCOOL- EURO PLAZA Vienna

EURO PLAZA in Vienna is continuing to grow and will soon be the biggest in its class. Steel, glass and aluminium facades, which radiate elegance and transparency in equal parts, are complemented by a spacious atrium in which numerous seating arrangements between arcades and lawns provide ideal surroundings for relaxation. Inside the building, a prestigious foyer leads to the individual offices. The EURO
PLAZA combines work and leisure, comfort and service with modern architecture and innovative design right in the centre of Vienna.


The technical standard of the EURO PLAZA office complex is currently the highest in Vienna. The combination of modern architecture and elegantly designed facades with external sun screens, false floors, suspended ceilings, chilled ceiling panels, individually controlled ventilation, and an open-plan concept for flexible usage in the centre of Vienna has attracted well-known companies, for example, Asfinag, AT&S, Danone, EMC, Hewlett-Packard, Kapsch AG, L’Oréal, Microsoft, Schering, Steelcase, Strauss & Partner, and many others.

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Object: EURO PLAZA, Vienna
Architects: Neumann + Partner, Vienna
Proprietor: KAPSCH Immobilien GmbH, Vienna
Project development/ Strauss & Partner Immobilien GmbH
Property developer and project manager: Immobilien GmbH, Vienna
Planning office: Scholze Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Stuttgart / Dresden / Vienna
Construction phase: 1-3 and Wienerbergstraße building:  
Gross surface area: 76.000 m²
Scope of order: 8.000 rm. INDUCOOL chilled ceiling panels / 2.400 rm. linear diffuser INDUL Type V45
Completion period: 2002 - 2006
Construction phase 4: (Weinerbergstrasse building)
Gross surface area: 52.000 m²
Scope of order: 5.200 rm. INDUCOOL chilled ceiling panels/ 2.100rm. linear diffuser INDUL Type V45
Completion period: 2008

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Function chilled ceiling panel INDUCOOL

INDUCOOL cools with air and water. Most of the thermal energy is removed quickly and economically by cooling water. High-quality air diffusers ensure a high degree of comfort and optimum air distribution.

System advantages

  • Greater thermal comfort with low air velocity
  • Chilled ceiling panels require only 5-10% of ceiling area
  • Reduced energy costs by exploiting the cooling potential of outdoor air
  • High cooling capacity, up to 500 W/m
  • Temperature differences up to -14 K
  • Integration of cooling panels into cost-effective standard ceilings
  • A full-surface cooling-water system is not required

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