• Grimmelshausen-Gymnasium

    The new cafeteria and library building. At a total cost of 7 million euros, the school authority of the Main-Kinzig district has constructed a multifunctional building with a ground area of over 2000 m2, built on the site of a former local car dealership.

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  • Grimmelshausen-Gymnasium

Concrete core cooling CONCRETCOOL - New cafeteria and library at the Grimmelshausen Gymnasium in Gelnhausen

The building was designed as a low-energy building according to the guidelines of the Energy Efficiency Ordinance. To do so, the engineering firm of TGE, Gelnhausen, a firm known for its energy-optimising building plans and for its open innovative technologies, utilised a pellet heating system and a central fresh air supply system with specially- designed heat-recovery ventilation equipment for each of the various areas being used. The fresh air, with specified air exchange rates of between 7.2 and 9 m³/h  m², is not fed directly to the rooms, but first flows through cooling tubes inside the concrete ceiling. While it flows through, the cold supply air heats up to approximately ceiling temperature. This achieves an outlet temperature of about 21°C entirely without a reheater, resulting in an overall heat recovery of more than 95 %. Through appropriate climatic specifications, and with the potential of free cooling, favourable operating costs and energy savings are achieved which would otherwise not be possible. By reclaiming energy from the concrete ceiling, an optimum thermal comfort is achieved for the building.

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Object: Grimmelshausen Gymnasium, Gelnhausen
Architect: hkr.architekten, Gelnhausen
Proprietor authority: Schulträger Main-Kinzig-Kreis
Planning office: Ingenieurbüro TGE, Gelnhausen
Scope: Planning of the heating, ventilation and sanitary facilities:
  Air flow rate for Concretcool only Cafeteria in the basement: 3.000 m³/h
  Library and foyer on the main floor: 3.200 m³/h
  Multifunction rooms on the main floor: 1.250 m³/h
Technical data: Pellet heating system, 150 kW for floor heating, radiators and the building ventilation system
  total air flow 18.400 m³/h in 5 air conditioning sections with heat recovery (cross-flow heat exchange)
  48 kW chiller, air-cooled
  Measurement and control system by Sauter
Heating, ventilation and sanitation system costs: 650.000 Euro

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Function concrete core cooling CONCRETCOOL

In contrast to conventional systems, the supply air is not fed directly to the room, but first flows through aluminium cooling tubes embedded in the ceiling. The supply air cools the ceiling in the process. At the same time, the heat recovered is used to heat the supply air.

System advantages

  • Optimum thermal comfort
  • No additional ceiling cooling needed
  • Energy savings of up to 50% possible through free cooling
  • Full flexibility through modular distribution of cooling tubes
  • Cooling with outdoor air without use of recirculation air
  • Building cost reduction through low floor height

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