INDUSAIL Acoustic Sail System

Acoustic sail system developed for modern office concepts with maximum flexibility tailored to the design and requirements, combines four aspects:

Acoustics – Light (Reflection or Lighting) – Cooling – Ventilation

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The strengths of INDUSAIL SYSTEM


Low energy requirements owing to decentralised fan coil system matched to the changing cooling load and the option of making use of free cooling. Energy-saving EC fan units increase energy efficiency.


Multifunctional system which combines the fields of acoustics, lighting, cooling and ventilation to offer maximum flexibility when designing the office landscape.


Acoustic elements with high light reflection and integrated, decentralised fan coil system for cooling room areas with the option of introducing supply air.

Acoustics – Light-Reflection – Cooling

Active acoustic sail consisting of an acoustic panel and a fan coil unit for cooling the ambient air and improving the ambient acoustics, which supports all the major types of illumination owing to its high light reflection. There is also the option of illumination integration into all components of INDUSAIL SYSTEM.

Acoustics – Light-Reflection – Cooling – Ventilation

Extension of the INDUSAIL PLUS acoustic sail including the possibility of a supply air connection.

INDUSAIL LUMINOUS with illumination

The lighting unit can be extended as additional active lighting for all INDUSAIL SYSTEM components.

  • Beleuchtung teilweise

  • Beleuchtung komplett

Acoustics – Lighting

Pure acoustic panel with the same appearance as INDUSAIL PLUS and INDUSAIL PLUS (QUADRO) for improved ambient acoustics or as an additional design element.


Acoustics – Ventilation – Lighting

Acoustic panel as supply air vent with the same visual appearance as INDUSAIL PLUS and INDUSAIL PLUS (QUADRO), to increase the supply air volume and improve the acoustics of the room.


Flexible acoustic sail system with integrated fan coil system for ambient conditioning taking account of illumination technology. With the INDUSAIL PLUS (QUADRO) recirculation air or mixed air is introduced using highly inductive linear diffusers, optionally with supply air connection to improve the ambient air quality. The combination of active and inactive components makes it possible to meet the requirements of various office concepts, and even future changes.  Modifications to the partition wall locations has no effect on the arrangement of the ceiling elements if planned appropriately.

Cooling Capacity up to 1500 W
Dimension Sail 1100 mm x 2500 mm
Cold water temperature from 16°C
Operational mode non-condensing
Installation height 255 mm
Recirculation air flow rate 200 - 800 m³/h
INDUSAIL ambient air flow

INDUSAIL SYSTEM ambient air flow

The integrated linear diffusers with their special developed discharges geometry produce fine individual jets. Ambient air can be induced effectively on the surfaces of the individual jets.


Office space concept and ambient air flow of INDUSAIL SYSTEM

Easy cleaning and maintenance

For easy maintenance the front plate has two folding hinges and allows easy opening and gives access to all internal components.


Product information und contacts

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