Maschinenfabrik Gg. Kiefer GmbH becomes Kiefer Klimatechnik GmbH

Maschinenfabrik Gg. Kiefer GmbH from Stuttgart will be renamed Kiefer Klimatechnik GmbH as of April 1, 2020. Apart from the new name of the company, nothing will change for customers, suppliers and employees of the company, as the corporate identity will remain completely unchanged. The Kiefer Klimatechnik brand logo has been adjusted to reflect the change of name.

"With the change of name we would like to emphasize the current business purpose of the company more clearly. This adaptation is important to us in order to be properly perceived in the market. Having started out as a manufacturing company for extraction systems in 1877, we now offer a comprehensive range of products and services for all aspects of air conditioning in non-residential construction", explains Managing Director Dipl.-Kfm Ingo Kiefer.

"Our goal of developing human-oriented, environmentally friendly and energy-saving ventilation and air-conditioning technology continues to be the focus of our efforts," adds Managing Director Dipl.-Ing. Clemens Kiefer.

Founded in 1877, Kiefer Klimatechnik GmbH is one of the leading companies in the field of ventilation and air-conditioning technology. The range of services includes consulting, planning and implementation of systems in comfort and industrial air conditioning as well as their installation and maintenance. In addition, for more than 4 decades Kiefer has been selling high-quality ventilation components such as slot, wall and displacement diffusers, chilled ceiling panels and concrete core activation with air, which are developed in the company's own laboratory. A trustful cooperation with clients, architects and specialist planners and their satisfaction is very important to us. We take over the complete air and air conditioning design based on the future use of the object. Over 140 years of successful company history have resulted in countless reference projects with customers from all sectors. With the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, one of the world's most renowned museums currently relies on Kiefer's experience. Clemens and Ingo Kiefer are the 5th generation of the family business management team.

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The new Kiefer Klimatechneik brand

Managing Directors: Dipl.-Ing. Clemens Kiefer (left in picture) and Dipl.-Kfm Ingo Kiefer (right in picture).

Kiefer Klimatechnik GmbH

Kiefer Klimatechnik GmbH is a leading company in the field of ventilation, air handling and air conditioning technology. Our range of services includes consulting, planning and execution of systems for thermal comfort and industrial air conditioning, as well as the associated installation and maintenance. For more than three decades, Kiefer has also been selling high grade ventilation components worldwide, such as linear diffusers, wall passages, displacement outlets, light and acoustic sails, chilled ceiling panels and concrete core cooling systems, developed in the company's own laboratories.

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