• Wagenhallen Stuttgart

    Kiefer implemented the complete plant technology, including the building management system, for the new Wagenhallen events venue in Stuttgart, Germany.

    Photo © Daniel Stauch
  • Wagenhallen Stuttgart

    Air distribution in the events hall is carried out via a duct network consisting of galvanised sheet metal ducts and spiral ducts.

    Photo © Daniel Stauch

Comfort Air-conditioning in the new Wagenhallen Stuttgart

The Stuttgart Wagenhallen buildings were reopened one year ago following a construction period of approximately 21 months. The imposing building, with its preserved 18th century walls, is divided into three large areas: a 4050 m² events hall with standing room for up to 2100 people, a 9500 m² studio and workshop area for artists, and a 450 m² dance school. This venue is one of the most important cultural centres in Stuttgart. As a contemporary and urban platform, it offers plenty of space for innovative exchange between architects, painters, sculptors and creatives.
First constructed as a railway depot, this building has been carefully restored to preserve the original wall finishes and façades. In contrast to the historic supporting structure made of steel and the outer walls of brick, the new fixtures and structural additions that were necessary stand out in subtle shades of colour. In this way visitors can clearly distinguish between the older and newer parts of the building.

Description of plant technology
The Wagenhallen building project in Stuttgart involved the renovation of this cultural centre, which is divided into three areas: the events hall; the artists' studios and workshops; and the Ocho Dance School. The renovation included expanding the previous events area, creating additional studio and workshop space, and converting the Ocho Dance School.
The ventilation systems for these spaces were sited in the basement below the various events rooms, from where the air was distributed directly to the floors above. On the actual floors, the air flow rates of individual lines were then automatically matched to the corresponding setpoints via variable or constant air flow rate controllers. The plant technology necessary for the operation of the events areas was adjusted in accordance with the new room concept. The ducts, air outlets, spiral ducts and air flow rate controllers were installed below the ceiling in plain sight in the various rooms. The usable area in question is now ventilated by six air conditioning units to ensure a fresh and pleasant ambience.

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Object: Wagenhallen Stuttgart
Proprietor: Liegenschaftsamt Stuttgart, represented by the Hochbauamt Stuttgart
Planner: Pfähler + Rühl, Ingenieurbüro für Technische Gebäudeausrüstung GmbH, Lehrensteinsfeld
Architects: Atelier Brückner, Stuttgart
Plant technology: Plant technology, including the building management system into three areas: the events hall, the artists' studios and workshops; and a Dance School.
Total floor area: 14.000 m²

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Plant engineering Comfort Air-conditioning Wagenhallen Stuttgart

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