• New luxury hotel with unrivalled air quality

    Exceptional design features throughout the spectacular new building. Highest demands in terms of design and functionality of the ventilation technology.

New luxury hotel with unrivalled air quality

On the shore of the Außenalster (Outer Alster lake), in the heart of the Hanseatic city, sits Hamburg's new architectural highlight, 5-star luxury hotel "The Fontenay". It opened in March 2018 and offers exceptional design features throughout the spectacular new building. This new city resort, with sculptural architecture featuring three interlocking circles, has been harmoniously dovetailed into the setting of the 10.000 square metre park by the architect, Jan Störmer of Störmer Murphy and Partner. 
Circles are the dominant shape inside the building. There are no straight walls; the large window façades are convex or concave, meaning that no two rooms are alike. The only exception to this being the straight partition walls between the individual guest rooms. The various circles and radii were a particular challenge for all planning offices and executive consultants. To give the striking building shape a corresponding impact, the architect expected the interior design, including all furniture, to match. Which is why numerous individual customisations and special designs were required for the many circular profiles. 
Together with the executive Interior Designer, Christian Meinert of AUKETT + HEESE in Berlin, Kiefer equipped "The Fontenay" with high quality air outlets. The demands to be met were particularly high, as the ventilation components needed to meet the highest demands in terms of design and functionality whilst at the same time blending in perfectly with the different room settings. Optimum, draught-free ambient air flow and low noise emission are important criteria for achieving this high level of quality.

Ventilation components as customised solutions

Kiefer developed a special solution for fitting out the conference rooms. The idea was to use INDUQUELL displacement air outlets as they ensure a low ambient air velocity in the occupied zone when compared with conventional displacement air systems, even in the case of extremely large differences in temperature. The copious curving contours called for creativity when designing the shape of the ventilation components.
Custom made solutions were developed in an intensive technical dialogue between Kiefer and TGA specialist planners Gerrit and Heinz Brozi from the HBI engineering office in Berlin: The ceiling outlets were to be installed in a sweeping, organic curve according to the external geometry of the relevant space. This design layout was also implemented through individual design engineering as a special solution for The Fontenay.
Kiefer designed INDUQUELL DIV displacement air outlets with a decorative panel covering an active front plate with inserted circular air guide elements. Ceiling engineers were then able to replicate the organic look in their ceiling design without difficulty. Kiefer supported the contractors throughout the installation with practical recommendations.

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Object: Hotel The Fontenay
Architects: Strömer Murphy and Partners, Hamburg mit Höhler + Partner, Hamburg
Interior architects: Matteo Thun & Partners, Mailand, IT (Design), Aukett + Heese, Berlin (Performance)
Planner: Winter beratende Ingenieure für Gebäudetechnik, Hamburg (Design), pbr Planungsbüro Rohling, Osnabrück (Performance)
Proprietor: Kühne Immobilia GmbH, Hamburg
Air Diffuser: INDUQUELL DIV in project-specific special design
INDULCLIP in Special edition with perforated metal cover
INDUL AV45 Linear Diffuser
Completion: 2017

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In the case of conventional displacement air systems, the supply air is fed to the room gently with little turbulence. Displacement air systems are characterised by low air velocities and low temperature differences between the supply air and ambient air in the occupied zone. Owing to the combination with the inductive air guide elements developed by Kiefer, INDUQUELL is, on the contrary, capable of high temperature differences of up to – 8K with greater comfort.


System advantages

  • High thermal comfort
  • Versatile application areas
  • Meets high acoustic requirements
  • Multiple special solutions possible
  • Gentle air distribution
  • Powerful at high temperature differences

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