• Volksbank Lahr eG

    The interior and exterior of the new Volksbank Lahr headquarters has been completely renovated, modernised in terms of energy efficiency and transformed.

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Comfort Ceiling Fan Coil INDULVENT ec - Volksbank Lahr eG

The new main branch of the Volksbank Lahr bank has been completely redeveloped, modernised to improve its energy efficiency and renovated both inside and out. The scale of the investment amounts to approximately 8.5 billion euro. The entire customer area has been redesigned and adapted to the bank's current specific requirements. All of the materials have been selected and adapted to ensure consistency - from the flooring and ceiling right up to the wall panelling. A floor-to-ceiling water wall has been installed as a partition and to provide a visual highlight. Together with the integrated ventilation system, this produces a pleasant interior climate for both customers and employees.



The new branch has been designed using classic white, modern anthracite and warm wood finishes. Light,  warmth and clear structures on the floor and walls convey a pleasant, friendly and welcoming atmosphere for customers. The INDULVENT ec design element in the ceiling combines an optimised interior climate with an unusual design and plays an important role in creating harmony throughout the architectural design.

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Object: Main branch of the Volksbank Lahr
Architects: Volksbank Lahr, Schillerstr. 22, 77933 Lahr
Planning office: Eichhorn + Engler GmbH & Co.KG, Friesenheim
Installation: INDULVENT ec
Special feature: Ceiling fan coil system INDULVENT ec together with INDULCLIP Z-A combined inlet and outlet

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INDULVENT Volksbank Lahr eG ↓

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Function INDULVENT ec - Comfort Ceiling Fan Coil System

Local ceiling fan coil systems allow the flexible use of available space. For high comfort requirements, INDULVENT ec ensures draught-free ambient air flow with high cooling capacity and low sound power levels. The compact unit employs a fan with energysaving EC technology.

System advantages

  • Draught-free ambient air distribution with cooling capacity up to 2600 W
  • Low sound power levels
  • Only electrical, cooling water and condensate connections required
  • Energy-saving EC technology
  • Stepless power regulation
  • Integrated condensate pump
  • Open BUS architecture

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