• MGUV Potsdam - New Ministerial Building

    The barrier-free new ministerial building with surface heating and concrete core cooling is both sustainable and energy-efficient.

    Photo © Christian Richters

Wall air passage INDULSNAP - New Ministerial Building for the Brandenburg State Government

A new ministerial building with an area of 10,000 square metres for 460 employees has been constructed on the government site in the Henning-von-Treskow Straße. This new construction is the final stage of the combination of the merger of the ministries, which moves them into the centre of the city and near to the new state parliament building. With an annual primary energy consumption of only 50 kWh/m², the barrier-free building fulfils the requirements of the passive buildings standard, and with surface heating and concrete core cooling is both sustainable and energy-efficient. Constructed in a public-private partnership, the design by the company SEHW Architektur is grouped around three differently designed courtyards. The shell of the building was developed so as to have many vertical layers and variations.


With the combined air diffuser INDULSNAP V45 K it was possible to implement an identical and consistent appearance for the supply air and extraction air. Due to the airflow rate of 30m³/h per person or 60m³/h for a two-person office as specified by IDA 3, an overall installation length of only 860 mm was sufficient. For acoustic reasons, the corridor partition walls have a thickness of 150 mm. The air plenum box which is integrated into the corridor wall was adapted to this wall thickness for installation reasons. With this, the recommended installation sequence with attachment points on the cladding remained unchanged and could be quickly carried out. The plenum box was fastened by clamping it into the drywall profiles in agreement with the air conditioning and drywall construction contractors.

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Object: New Ministerial Building Potsdam
Architects: LPH 1 - 5 ARGE SEHW – delusearchitects LPH 5 - 8 GKK (Gössler Kinz Kerber Kreienbaum, Hamburg)
Proprietor: Brandenburgischer Landesbetrieb für Liegenschaften und Bauen, NL Potsdam represented by:
PP-Partnership: STRABAG Real Estate GmbH, Direktion Public Private, Partnerchip
Customer: Ed. Züblin AG, Bereich Brandenburg und Sachsen-Anhalt
Consultant: Ingenieurbüro Knott + Partner, Berlin
Linear diffuser system: Wall air passage INDULSNAP V45

Function wall air passage INDULSNAP

INDULSNAP is a linear diffuser for installation in partition walls with integral silencer offering a high degree of comfort. The supply air is fed into the room through numerous individual jets guided by aerodynamically formed fins. The ducts for supplying and extracting air are best installed in the ceiling hollow space of that floor. The main distribution ducts to individual rooms require a minimum of space for Installation.

System advantages

  • With integral silencer
  • For use as inlet or outlet
  • Greater thermal comfort due to draught-free air supply
  • Absorption box can be installed in partition wall
  • Requires no space in room
  • Fast installation
  • Easy to clean, as specified in VDI 6022, due to removable air guide profiles

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