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    Stylish integration of INDUL linear diffuser in the award-winning cuisine of Traube Tonbach in the Black Forest.

    After the fire of the historic hotel building, the new building of the Traube Tonbach now shines in new splendour.

    Photo: Julian Beekmann Fotografie
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    Culinary diversity at star level

    The former "Köhlerstube" became "1789", the founding year of the Traube Tonbach. The team around star chef Florian Stolte spoils guests with excellent dishes there.

    Photo: © Julian Beekmann Fotografie 
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    Optimal ventilation in the Schatzhauser restaurant

    The INDUL linear diffusers also provide pleasant fresh air comfort in the new "Schatzhauser" restaurant.

    Photo: © Julian Beekmann Fotografie 
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Feel-good atmosphere at the highest star level

After a devastating fire at the beginning of 2020, the new building of the five-star superior hotel Traube Tonbach in the Black Forest with its star gourmet restaurants shines in new splendour. The new building, which attracts gourmets from far, was constructed in just 18 months. To ensure that guests and staff feel comfortable in the new rooms at all times, the building owners once again opted for the filigree and highly inductive INDUL linear diffusers with excellent comfort properties.

The year 2020 did not start well for the Finkbeiner hotelier family from the Tonbach district of Baiersbronn: Shortly after New Year's Day, the historic main building caught fire. It contained the three-star restaurant "Schwarzwaldstube", the one-star restaurant "Köhlerstube" and the Bauernstube - terrible news for family, staff and all gourmet fans. But after a short time, the decision was made to rebuild according to modern standards. The architectural partnership ARP from Stuttgart planned a three-gabled building with almost 3,000 square metres over three floors on a slope with a magnificent view of the Black Forest and the Tonbach Valley. Since the reopening in April 2022, guests can enjoy the usual culinary variety of the traditional hotel in three à la carte restaurants on more than 420 square metres. A modern commercial and service wing with two new professional kitchens, including patisseries, cold storage and dry storage, is particularly inspiring for the team around the two star chefs Florian Stolte and Torsten Michel. In addition, the new building houses an event room, reception and recreation rooms, bright offices, a spacious sun terrace as well as integrated goods delivery and waste disposal. Thanks to the façade made of pre-patinated wooden shingles typical of the Black Forest region, the new building fits in perfectly with the surrounding architecture. 

Longterm satisfaction with air conditioning and ventilation technology

Kiefer Klimatechnik has been working with "Liepelt engineering office" from Baiersbronn for many years. The technical building services planners have already equipped all of the hotel's construction projects over the past decades - including the existing building, a new apartment building and the bathing and wellness area - with ventilation components from Kiefer. It was particularly important to the building owners that the technology installed was state-of-the-art, had very high comfort properties and could be integrated inconspicuously into the rooms. The slimline INDUL linear diffusers met these requirements and satisfied their customers. Especially for the supply air distribution in the restaurants, the experts selected a symmetrical and thus ideal distribution of the linear diffusers over the respective room area. This guarantees the same quality of fresh air for every guest. The extremely high induction of the air diffusers enables draught-free air even at very low blow-in temperatures. This creates the highest feel-good atmosphere, not only during gourmet meals.

Schwarzwaldstube with open saddle roof

The three-star restaurant "Schwarzwaldstube" appears spacious and bright thanks to the end wall, which is continuously glazed up to the gable peak, and the completely open gable roof. The linear air diffusers had to be installed in the gable roof surfaces with a 40-degree inclination to the horizontal. The special INDUL free-flow characteristic without directing the supply air jet at ceiling surfaces was the best solution in this case. Due to the installation height of almost 5 metres, there was a classic technical conflict of objectives between the necessary inlet impulse, the penetration depth of the supply air and the desired low sound pressure levels in the room of less than 35 dB(A). As a solution, the linear slot diffusers were pressurised to a higher level with deliberate approximation to the sound limit value. The wall slopes were completely finished in noble, dark wood panelling. For this reason, the planners and builders chose the air outlets in neutral black to match the colour.  

The INDUL linear diffusers also provide pleasant fresh air comfort in the other rooms, including the one-star restaurant "1789" and the new restaurant concept called "Schatzhauser". While in the "Schwarzwaldstube" the exhaust air collection was carried out at a front partition wall in the upper area of the gable roof, in the other rooms there are shadow gaps at the transition between the wall and the acoustic ceiling. These conceptual approaches to the supply air and exhaust air arrangement represent the technical optimum of a mixed ventilation system with linear slot diffusers.

Project: Neubau Stammhaus Traube Tonbach, Baiersbronn-Tonbach
Client: Traube Tonbach
Technical Planner: IB Liepelt, Baiersbronn
Architect: Architektenpartnerschaft ARP, Stuttgart
Products: Linear diffuser INDUL API 15, INDUL API 18, INDUL API 24, INDUL AV 24

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Function linear diffuser INDUL

The supply air is divided into fine individual jets which distribute the supply air into the room at an angle of 45° alternately to the left and to the right. The result is an especially uniform air distribution with an optimal diffuse ambient air flow, and no noticeable draughts.

System advantages

  • Completely draught-free air distribution
  • Low diffuser widths, from 15 mm
  • Unobtrusive installation in ceiling joints
  • Temperature differences up to -14 K
  • Light, clean ceilings due to fine-jet characteristics
  • Simple, quick and clean installation in all ceiling system

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