Linear diffuser INDUL - Prada Museum in Milan

The new Prada Museum in Milan is an industrial complex dating from 1910, comprising seven existing structures, including warehouse, laboratories, and brewing silos surrounded by a large courtyard and three new structures including a museum for temporary exhibitions, a transformable cinema building and a 10-story high gallery tower. In this way, obsolete and decrepit buildings with the charm of industrial archeology and their profound decline, return to live. It is an important project of urban renewal in a suburban area of the the city. This project has been designed by the architectural firm OMA led by Rem Koolhaas. Fondazione Prada Milan is an exhibition space dedicated to contemporary art and culture. It is housed in a complex that for many years functioned as a distillery before that has been changed by OMA.Located in the south of Milan, the new Museum of Fondation Prada will be opened in May 2015.


The heart of the exhibition areas must ensure strict conditions for constant temperature and humidity for the entire year, because of the permanent exhibition of fine art works from all over the world. We supplied about 500 running meters of INDUL linear diffusers, not only to optimize the air diffusion but also the acoustic aspects with significant silencers.

The Fondazione Prada was created in 1993 by Miuccia Prada – the youngest granddaughter of Mario Prada and heading the familyowned luxury goods manufacturer since 1978 – and her husband Patrizio Bertelli, as a platform to analyse present times through the staging of contemporary art exhibitions as well as architecture, cinema and philosophy projects. The complex in Milan is an addition to the Fondazione’s exhibition space in Venice, the Ca’ Corner della Regina, a historic palazzo on the Grand Canal and hosting exhibitions since 2011.

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Object: Prada Museum Fondazione Prada Milan, Italy
Architects: OMA - Rem Koolhaas Rotterdam/ New York
Proprietor: Fondazione Prada, Milan
Linear Diffuser-System: Linear diffuser INDUL 500 running meters INDUL V45 and significant silencers
Completion: May 2015

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INDUL Prada Museum Milan ↓

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Function linear diffuser INDUL:

The supply air is divided into fine individual jets which distribute the supply air into the room at an angle of 45° alternately to the left and to the right. The result is an especially uniform air distribution with an optimal diffuse ambient air flow, and no noticeable draughts.

System advantages

  • Completely draught-free air distribution
  • Low diffuser widths, from 15 mm
  • Unobtrusive installation in ceiling joints
  • Temperature differences up to -14 K
  • Light, clean ceilings due to fine-jet characteristics
  • Simple, quick and clean installation in all ceiling systems

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