• Casino Bregenz

    A new architectural gem on Lake Constance. Discreet ceiling integration of the INDUL linear diffuser and the INDULSNAP wall diffuser, developed as special solutions.

  • Casino Bregenz

    Following renovation, the Casino Bregenz re-opened in spring 2014 with a re-designed bar and comfortable lounge.


Special INDULSNAP wall diffuser - Casino Bregenz

Special INDULSNAP wall diffuser in the monitor wall.  

With the renovation of Casino Bregenz and its optimal location directly on the lakeside promenade, the "culture mile" of Lake Constance is gaining a new architectural jewel.
The new eye-catching façade, with its 6500 LEDs which can all be controlled individually, is an internationally unique project. When darkness falls, the façade construction is transformed into a luminous cascade of colours, which adds to the experience of an evening at the casino.

The building consists of several pavilions whose designs form a symbiotic relationship with the countryside, Lake Constance, the parks and the large festival hall. A 20-metre-long panorama window provides a fantastic view from the lounge seating for over 300,000 visitors each year, simultaneously allowing people outside a view into the vibrant hustle and bustle in the casino hall– a film-worthy location not least because the festival hall was a filming location for the James Bond film "Quantum of Solace".

Revitalisation and reconstruction of the front

Numerous air outlets from Kiefer, which were developed together with the architect and technical building services planner, were used as special solutions in the renovation of this architectural gem. The INDUL linear diffuser, with its special connection profiles for integration into the mirrored ceiling and flooring, was adopted as a solution. The INDULSNAP wall diffuser was integrated as a special solution into the monitor wall. All the air outlets blend in seamlessly with the remarkable interior architecture.

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Object: Casino Bregenz
Architects: ART ARCH 23, Innsbruck
Proprietor authority: Casinos Austria AG, Vienna
Planning office: Klimaplan, Hohenems
Installation: Special solution INDUL and INDULSNAP
Completion: 2014

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Function linear diffuser INDUL:

The supply air is divided into fine individual jets which distribute the supply air into the room at an angle of 45° alternately to the left and to the right. The result is an especially uniform air distribution with an optimal diffuse ambient air flow, and no noticeable draughts.

System advantages

  • Completely draught-free air distribution
  • Low diffuser widths, from 15 mm
  • Unobtrusive installation in ceiling joints
  • Temperature differences up to -14 K
  • Light, clean ceilings due to fine-jet characteristics
  • Simple, quick and clean installation in all ceiling systems

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