• Land Securities Head Office London

    The new head office in London is full of light and benefits from enhanced floor-to-ceiling heights. An exposure of the ceiling construction shows the technical installations as a design element.

    Photo © Timothy Soar
  • An air supply system with high environmental quality

    The project achieved an outstanding BREEAM rating and won in the category Offices for Renovation and Interior Design.


    Foto © Timothy Soar

Ceiling Air Diffuser INDUDRALL - Land Securities new HQ, 80–100 Victoria Street, London

In December 2016, Land Securities, the largest commercial property development and Investment Company in the UK, re-located their office headquarters from eight levels at 5 Strand to Level 1 of 80-100 Victoria Street, a building forming part of Land Securities extensive property port-folio in the Victoria area.

One of the key objectives for the relocation exercise was to provide the opportunity to adopt a new workplace strategy aimed at increasing communication and collabora-tion. This was to be achieved by locating all employees, amounting to some 470 people on a single floor plate. 

Working in conjunction with KKS Strategy LLP, a leading space design and coordination consultant, the new environment was designed to achieve an environment that is neutral in tone, full of light and benefiting from enhanced floor-to-ceiling heights through the exposure of ceiling soffits and services.

The floor plate of 80-100 Victoria Street is divided into two sections connected by a an internal bridge: 100 Victoria Street being the smaller was identified as the location for the client suite, with 80 Victoria Street being home to the entire workspace with common support functions including a central collaboration hub.

The success of the project was realised by the achievement of a BREEAM Outstanding rating – the first in the UK for 2016 and in addition winning at the BREEAM Awards 2017 in the category of Offices (Refurb & Fit-Out). Landsec also received the highest BREEAM fit-out score awarded to date of 92.3 %. The project was also a finalist in the Lighting Design Awards 2017 in the category of Workplace Project of the Year and was shortlisted in the Mixology 2017 Awards and the New London Architecture Awards. Landsec have completed their post-completion Leesman survey and reached a workplace satisfaction score of 81.7 Lmi. This is the highest score ever recorded in the Index alongside one other organisation in Denmark. The pre-occupancy score was 56.6–a 44% increase in satisfaction giving Landsec a Leesman + accreditation.

Specific features

Having opted for an exposed ceiling solution, Land Securities and their Consulting Engineers, Long & Partners required an air distribution solution that would provide a high quality environment for their staff as well as meeting the aesthetic requirements demanded for an exposed soffit. Following air distribution tests at the Kiefer laboratory in Stuttgart, the Kiefer INDUDRALL was selected. 

Having proven the air distribution, attention was then given to the aesthetics. Kiefer were able to provide a double skin insulated plenum in a special customized height finished in RAL9010 and in addition, a double inlet spigot to ensure a pleasing joint for the ductwork and associated insulation.

The layout incorporated separate diffusers for recirculation air from the fan coil units and for the injection of treated outdoor air. Thanks to the high induction achieved by the diffusers ensuring effective mixing of the recirculated and outdoor air streams, the highest levels of room comfort have been achieved. Kiefer is pleased to have contributed to the success of this new HQ space.

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Building: 80 – 100 Victoria Street, London, England
Proprietor: Land Securities Group PLC
Architect/Planner: KKS Space
Mechanical Consultant: Long & Partners
Main Contractor: ISG PLC
Product: Ceiling Air Diffuser INDUDRALL

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Function Ceiling air diffuser INDUDRALL

A visually appealing highly inductive ceiling air diffuser featuring a designer front plate.The INDUDRALL has been developed specifically for comfort applications. It is ideal for locations where boundary conditions make installation difficult (low room heights, high closeness, high air exchange rate per hour and high thermal loads, for example). Thanks to its very high induction ratio, it can even be installed without a suspended ceiling.


System advantages

  • Temperature differences of up to –12 K
  • Extremely low ambient air velocities
  • Sizes from 300...800 mm
  • Air flow rate from 100…1600 m3/h
  • Plenum box with butterfly damper that can be adjusted from inside the room

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