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    As early as 1995, Kiefer supplied ventilation components to Blum for convenient HVAC technology, which perfectly combines function and design. From the first to the current construction phase, the ventilation components INDUL, INDUCOOL Compact and INDULVENT ec were used in a range of applications in various plants and construction phases.

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Julius Blum - High standards for the environment and HVAC technology

Julius Blum is an international company based in Höchst that is specialised in the manufacture and sale of cabinet hardware. The family company can look back on more than 60 years of company history. Having started as a small smithy, over the course of half a century it has developed into an international hardware specialist. Today, the brand is well-known around the world for its innovative cabinet hardware. 

As early as 1995, Kiefer supplied ventilation components to Blum for convenient HVAC technology, which perfectly combines function and design. From the initial construction phase through to the current phase, Kiefer has implemented customised solutions that are capable of meeting sophisticated challenges. INDUL, INDUCOOL-Compact and INDULVENT ventilation components were used in a range of applications in various plants and construction phases, in offices, as well as in training workshops, training rooms and testing rooms. 


Sites with Kiefer air diffusers and chilled ceilings

Plant 1, the former main plant, is currently home to the engineering departments, while the cabinet hinge manufacturing and administration of Blum are located in Plant 2. The technical centre incorporating research and development is located in Plant 3. In the partially renovated offices in Plant 2 and Plant 3 at Höchst, 1,100 m INDUL linear diffusers and 720 m INDUCOOL cooling panels were integrated in Plafondnova expanded metal acoustic ceilings.  

Box and runner systems are produced in Plant 4 in Bregenz. To provide ventilation, 700 m of INDUL linear diffusers, types P15 and P18, were optimally integrated into the ceilings. Individual components for fitting systems and assembly aids are manufactured in Plant 5 in Fußach. In Plant 6 in Gaißau, parts for pull-out systems are produced. This is also where the plastic coating systems are located.  

Plant 7 is located in Dornbirn and has its own rail connection. This logistics centre is optimally conditioned with more than 400 m of INDUCOOL chilled ceiling panels and 40 INDUVENT ec circulation coolers from Kiefer. In the near future, the new punching plant, Plant 8, will be completed in the immediate vicinity of Plant 7. The use of further ventilation components from Kiefer is planned there, too.

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Building: Julius Blum Plant 2 BE 11 and Plant 3 BE 8, Höchst, Austria
Architects: Arno Bereiter Architekturwerkstatt, Lustenau, Austria
Proprietor: Julius Blum Beschlägefabrik GmbH, Austria
Consultant: Klimaplan, Hohenems
Ceiling- and wall air systems: PLAFONDNOVA AG, Rotkreuz, Switzerland
Additonal Plants: Bregenz, Fußach, Gaißau, Dornbirn
Scope: Höchst plant 2 BE 11 and plant 3 BE 8: 700 rm. chilled ceiling panel INDUCOOL-Compact
Scope, total: approx. 1,400 m2 chilled ceiling panel INDUCOOL-Compact, approx. 2,000 m2 linear diffuser INDUL, approx. 100 units comfort fan coil system INDULVENT
Completion: 1995-2016

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Function chilled ceiling panel INDUCOOL

INDUCOOL cools with air and water. Most of the thermal energy is removed quickly and economically by cooling water. High-quality air diffusers ensure a high degree of comfort and optimum air distribution.

System advantages

  • Greater thermal comfort with low air velocity
  • Chilled ceiling panels require only 5-10% of ceiling area
  • Reduced energy costs by exploiting the cooling potential of outdoor air
  • High cooling capacity, up to 500 W/m
  • Temperature differences up to -14 K
  • Integration of cooling panels into cost-effective standard ceilings
  • A full-surface cooling-water system is not required

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