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    New building of the Federal Police Headquarters in Potsdam with INDUCOOL chilled ceiling panel.

    Photo: CODE UNIQUE Architekten GmbH

High-performance air-conditioning technology for the new building of the Federal Police Headquarters in Potsdam

The new building for the Federal Police Headquarters is being constructed in the state capital Potsdam. The modern new building presented architects and planners with the challenging task of combining maximum security requirements with high demands on workplace quality. Despite the high technical installation density, high-performance air-conditioning technology from Kiefer not only offers efficiency and optimum conditions for thermal and acoustic comfort, but also guarantees hygienic indoor air quality at all times. 
Code Unique Architekten from Dresden are responsible for the design of the new police headquarters. The client is the Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben, represented by the Brandenburg Landesbetrieb für Liegenschaften und Bauen. The competition brief was to design an office and administration complex including open space and parking.  
The new building presents itself as an ensemble of three rectangular, staggered building volumes. This results in different open areas and space structures - for example, each module has its own inner courtyard. A separate L-shaped guard building completes the trio of buildings. This results in a total usable floor space of around 26,000 m2 A central atrium connects all units and becomes a place of communication and encounter. While in-situ concrete construction was used for the basement and base storeys, the new building is designed as a reinforced concrete skeleton structure from the ground floor to the fourth storey.


Fresh air for cool heads 
The technical heart of the building is a state-of-the-art command and situation centre. Such a use of space requires a high installation density of information, communication and media technology, which significantly influences the air flow in the room - in addition to the personal load. In order to ensure concentrated and pleasant working conditions, high demands were placed on the planning of the ventilation and air-conditioning technology. For this purpose, the responsible B4-PLAN Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH from Berlin enlisted the help of experienced experts, Kiefer Klimatechnik from Stuttgart. 

Cooling with air and water for a draught-free indoor climate 
Kiefer opted for the installation of the high-performance INDUCOOL cooling ceiling panels, in which cooling takes place simultaneously via air and water. Integrated slot diffusers distribute the supply air draught-free into the rooms. The mode of operation is simple and intelligent: the integrated slot diffuser draws the warm room air over the water-cooled aluminium ribbed panels through its induction effect. Depending on the dimensioning, high specific cooling capacities are achieved. For this reason, it is sufficient to cover only five to ten percent of the ceiling surfaces with INDUCOOL panels. The rest of the ceiling is available to the architects for free design.

The conditioned supply air is introduced into the room through fine nozzles and thereby divided into numerous individual jets. Due to the high induction, it mixes quickly with the room air and thus ensures the best possible distribution in the room - even with greater room heights due to the media walls. This mixed air is introduced into the occupied zone at very low velocities and thus avoids an unpleasant draught feeling - in accordance with the applicable limit values for "draught-free", the highest comfort category for the best possible workplace conditions is thereby maintained. The INDUCOOL panels are arranged in bands per room completely evenly across the ceiling surfaces. This ensures optimum absorption of the cooling loads with a targeted heat flow from the bottom to the top. This also corresponds to the basic function of the human body, so that the room cooling is in harmony with the natural sensation of the users. An additional special feature of this project was the safety-relevant additional requirement for bug-proofing - rather unusual for a product from the ventilation technology sector. However, the INDUCOOL supply air nozzles fulfil this per se.



Project: New built Federal Police Headquarters
Architects: CODE UNIQUE Architekten GmbH, Dresden
Planners: B4-PLAN Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Berlin
Proprietor: Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben, vertreten durch den Brandenburgischen Landesbetrieb für Liegenschaften und Bauen
Products: Kühldeckenpaneel INDUCOOL, Lieferumfang 150lfm
Construction work: 2019-2024

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Function Chilled Ceiling Panel INDUCOOL

INDUCOOL cools with air and water. Most of the thermal energy is removed quickly and economically by cooling water. High-quality air diffusers ensure a high degree of comfort and optimum air distribution.

System advantages

  • Greater thermal comfort with low air velocity
  • Chilled ceiling panels require only 5-10% of ceiling area
  • Reduced energy costs by exploiting the cooling potential of outdoor air
  • High cooling capacity, up to 500 W/m
  • Temperature differences up to -14 K
  • Integration of cooling panels into cost-effective standard ceilings
  • A full-surface cooling-water system is not required

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