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  1. Installation INDUL N with mounting accessories for different ceiling types
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  3. Visualisation of the special INDUL free jet characteristics on the outlet profile and in the room itself.

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Slot diffuser INDUL N

The proven slot diffusers INDUL combine high functionality with design, as they can be integrated into any desired ceiling design from as little as 15 mm in width. In terms of functionality, they offer a comfortable climate in ventilated rooms without any noticeable draughts - this is due to an air discharge geometry specially developed by Kiefer.

Comfort slot diffuser for clean ceilings

The filigree diffuser profiles and the reliable free jet characteristic keep ceilings clean longer. Very small slot widths from 15 mm offer easy integration into all ceiling joints.

INDUL N simple and fast installation

The INDUL mounting accessories allow quick and easy mounting and easy adjustment. The plug-in system for series and individual mounting has proven itself many times in practice. We will be happy to develop project-specific mounting solutions.

INDUL NA installation in mineral fibre ceilings

The moulded-on support bracket offers unobtrusive installation and allows easy integration.

INDUL N installation in metal-coffered ceilings

Perfect integration into all cassette systems and with different edge designs.

INDUL NG installation in plasterboard ceilings

The INDUL plaster bracket for trouble free installation of INDUL slot diffusers in any plasterboard ceiling is unique.

Simplified installation and protection

The plaster bracket is installed with drywall screws on the plasterboard tiles.

Plastering and painting work

Seams and joints are filled.

Plastering and painting work

Painting of ceiling

Protection during painting and plastering work

The protective strip of the discharge profile is removed. Precise edges are created between the plasterboard ceiling and the air diffuser.

INDUL installation kit

A complete mounting set consisting of connecting rail VSL, mounting rail MSN, threaded plate and screws facilitates the mounting options on the ceiling.

INDUL N discharge geometry and ambient air flow for highest comfort

The specially developed discharge geometry produces fine individual air jets. Ambient air can be effectively induced at the edges of the individual jets. The diffuse air flow in the living area creates a comfortable climate without noticeable drafts.

INDUL free jet characteristic for highest comfort.

The discharge profile has perforations that enable the supply air to be fed into the room as a large number of fine individual jets. Most of the individual jets can be directed into the room at 45°. A small vertical proportion of the air supports and stabilises the jet geometry The discharge profile is equipped with adjustable air guide vanes.

Arrangement of air diffusers in the room

A symmetrical jet geometry and uniform diffuser arrangement in the room is recommended. Air diffusers should be arranged perpendicular to the façade.

Completely draught-free air distribution

Designed for rooms with the highest comfort requirements. This is achieved by the diffuse, absolutely roll-free ambient air flow.

The classical INDUL ambient air flow

The specially developed discharge geometry produces fine individual air jets. Ambient air can be effectively induced at the edges of the individual jets. Through the induction (admixture) of ambient air, the temperature differential between the supply air and ambient air is balanced out over a short distance. The discharge velocity of the supply air is also reduced by the time it reaches the occupied zone, with the result that no draughts are perceived.

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