• Le Royal Méridien in Hamburg

    In the "Le Soleil" restaurant in the Le Royal Méridien hotel in Hamburg, an optimum indoor air climate completes guests' top-class dining experience.

    Foto © Joi-Design, Hamburg
  • Kühldeckenpaneel - Le Royal Méridien in Hamburg

Chilled-ceiling panel INDUCOOL - Hotel Le Royal Méridien in Hamburg

Dining with a view. The hotel Le Royal Méridien offers you just that in the hotel's own Restaurant Le Soleil. From all eight floors the guests here have a fantastic view over the Outer Alster. Air-conditioning is here a question both of well-being and of design. Stringent technological and design requirements are combined in a harmonious, functional whole.

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Object: Restaurant Le Soleil in Le Royal Méridien, Hamburg
Interior architects: JOI-Design Hamburg
Planning office: Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH epm Essen
Proprietor: Hotel Le Méridien Hamburg
Ventilation system: INDUCOOL chilled ceiling panel component
Scope: 250 m² conditioned area
Type of ceiling: Plasterboard ceilings
Specific cooling load: 60 - 120 W / m²
Specific air flow: 10 - 15 m³ / hm²

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INDUCOOL Le Royal Méridien ↓

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Function chilled ceiling panel INDUCOOL

INDUCOOL cools with air and water. Most of the thermal energy is removed quickly and economically by cooling water. High-quality air diffusers ensure a high degree of comfort and optimum air distribution.

System advantages

  • Greater thermal comfort with low air velocity
  • Chilled ceiling panels require only 5-10% of ceiling area
  • Reduced energy costs by exploiting the cooling potential of outdoor air
  • High cooling capacity, up to 500 W/m
  • Temperature differences up to -14 K
  • Integration of cooling panels into cost-effective standard ceilings
  • A full-surface cooling-water system is not required

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