• INDUCOOL - Development Center of STIHL, Waiblingen

    In the extension of STIHL's development centre in Waiblingen clearly shows how ventilation system components can be deliberately used as design features and give even cool, empty rooms a certain elegance.

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  • Development Center of STIHL, Waiblingen - Dinning Room

Chilled-Ceiling Panel INDUCOOL - Extension of the Development Center of STIHL, Waiblingen

STIHL, a family-owned business based in Waiblingen, Swabia, has been developing, manufacturing and selling machine tools since 1926 and is the world's leading manufacturer of chainsaws. In 2016 the company extended the development centre at its main site, erected a new warehouse for production logistics and built a new staff canteen.
To mark the official inauguration, Chancellor Angela Merkel sent a video message offering her congratula-tions on the recent investments to this German site. Around 350 employees now work in the extension of the development centre, ensuring market demand is met more quickly than ever, thanks to more efficient production logistics. The new efficient production logistics guarantees a faster market supply.
The family-owned company, which celebrated its 90th anniversary last year, is very proud to be able to further strengthen development and production at its main site through this new centre.

Technical Challenge

In addition to providing jobs, it was important to the company to create a new canteen area for its employees. 
All areas of the extension of the development centre required products that were not only visually appealing, but also met all technical requirements. The company, therefore, decided to use a range of air diffusers, cooling panels and other ventilation equipment from Kiefer. Innovative configuration of this equipment made the most of the situation on site. As a reliable partner, Kiefer not only offers high quality components – it also provides professional advice and is willing to develop special, project-specific solutions.

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Object: STIHL development centre, Waiblingen
Proprietor: Andreas STIHL AG & Co.KG, Waiblingen
Planner: Deerns Deutschland GmbH, Stuttgart
Architect: Spacial Solutions GmbH, Munich
Construction volume: 12.000 m²
Products: Chilled Ceiling Panel INDUCOOL, Induction Air Diffuser INDUL AP15, AP18, AV24, AV45, Air Diffuser INDUDRALL, Air Diffuser INDUDRALL Z-A, Fan Coil System INDULVENT ec, Transfer Grilles INDUSILENT TG and SG

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Function chilled ceiling panel INDUCOOL

INDUCOOL cools with air and water. Most of the thermal energy is removed quickly and economically by cooling water. High-quality air diffusers ensure a high degree of comfort and optimum air distribution


System advantages

  • Greater thermal comfort with low air velocity
  • Chilled ceiling panels require only 5-10% of ceiling area
  • Reduced energy costs by exploiting the cooling potential of outdoor air
  • High cooling capacity, up to 500 W/m
  • Temperature differences up to -14 K
  • Integration of cooling panels into cost-effective standard ceilings
  • A full-surface cooling-water system is not required

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