• Sebastian-Lotzer-Middle School, Memmingen

    The CONCRETCOOL concrete core cooling ventilation system combines component tempering and ventilation, thereby successfully meeting the demanding air conditioning requirements of this school redevelopment project.

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  • Sebastian-Lotzer-Realschule, Memmingen

Concrete Core Cooling CONCRETCOOL - Sebastian-Lotzer-Middle School, Memmingen

The planning concept for the ventilation and air conditioning equipment was developed by the planning office Güttinger Kempten. The CONCRETCOOL ventilation system from Kiefer, which combines the positive factors of a component temperature control and a ventilation system, played a central part for the implementation of the energy concept.

Innovative Ventilation Concept
The CONCRETCOOL ventilation system provides fresh air and cooling to all 16 classrooms, three multipurpose rooms, the Chemistry, Biology, Physics and IT labs and the Craft, Textiles and Art studios, as well as the staff rooms, Board of Governors room and secretarial office. 

The CONCRETCOOL concrete core cooling ventilation system is particularly suitable for schools and educational facilities where plenty of fresh air is needed for a lot of people in a relatively small space. Continuous replacement of the ambient air prevents the CO2 level in the room from rising. This is essential for concentration and therefore successful learning outcomes. A comfortable ambient temperature is also ensured through the combination of supply air and an activated ceiling for cooling. The CONCRETCOOL system maintains a high level of efficiency, whilst satisfying all of the mainrequirements for creating an atmosphere that is conducive to learning.

Visually, this project called for a smooth concrete ceiling throughout. This meant replacing the discharge elements. The outlet boxes were cast into the ceiling, leaving a gap to the lower edge, whilst the discharge elements were recessed, above the lower edge of the ceiling, and covered with a perforated metal plate mounted flush with the ceiling.

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Building: Sebastian-Lotzer-Middle School, Memmingen
Bauherr: City of Memmingen
Architects: Consortium/MPRDO Mauz Pektor Architekten, Munich, Herle + Herrle Architekten, Neuburg/Donau
Planning office: Güttinger Ingenieure, Kempten
Completion: 2016
Product: Concrete Core Cooling CONCRETCOOL
Energy efficiency: KfW 55 to EnEv
Total floor area: 7.717 m²
Construction volume: 28.793 m³

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CONCRETCOOL Sebastian-Lotzer-Middle School Memmingen ↓

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Function Concrete Core Cooling CONCRETCOOL

In contrast to conventional systems, the supply air is not fed directly to the room, but first flows through aluminium cooling tubes embedded in the ceiling. The supply air cools the ceiling in the process. At the same time, the heat recovered is used to heat the supply air.

System advantages

  • Optimum thermal comfort
  • No additional ceiling cooling needed
  • Energy savings of up to 50% possible through free cooling
  • Full flexibility through modular distribution of cooling tubes
  • Cooling with outdoor air without use of recirculation air
  • Building cost reduction through low floor height

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