• m.pire tower in München

    A total floor space of 44,000 m² offers room for a flexible distribution and usage of single, open-plan or combined offices, depending on the purpose and specifications – all in a comfortable environment.


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Concrete core cooling CONCRETCOOL - m.pire tower Munich

The Skyline Tower meets the criteria of the European “Green Building” Certificate for buildings with a low primary energy requirement, and has been awarded the German Seal of Approval in Gold for Sustainable Building. This is based not just on energy efficiency, but also on the sustainability of the building with respect to the environmentally-friendly supply of energy, along with socio-cultural aspects such as comfort in the rooms, architecture and location. The Skyline Tower employs a combination of concrete core cooling with air, and axially arranged fan coils which individually regulate the baseload cooling. In this way the energy requirement of the Skyline Tower is reduced substantially in comparison with a conventional building.

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Object: m.pire tower, Munich
Architect: Helmut Jahn, Chicago
Proprietor: Bayrische Bau- und Immobilien Gruppe, Munich
Planning office: Ingenieurbüro für Energie- und Haustechnik, Sarnen/Switzerland Dipl.-Ing. Peter Berchtold
Scope: approx. 26.000 m² conditioned area
System: Concrete core cooling with air CONCRETCOOL
  Per fitout module (B=1350 mm) one linear diffuser.
  Air guide vanes are
Air flow rate: 4.5 m³/hm² (exch. rate = 1.5 x /h)

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CONCRETCOOL m. pire Tower Munich ↓

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Function concrete core cooling CONCRETCOOL

In contrast to conventional systems, in which supply air is fed directly into the working areas, the air first flows through aluminium cooling tubes cast into the ceilings. Thereby the supply air cools the ceiling. At the same time the gain of heat is used to warm up the supply air.

System advantages

  • Optimum thermal comfort
  • Additional ceiling cooling with water is not required
  • Free cooling provides energy savings of up to 50%
  • Full flexibility and conversion costs avoided due to modular cooling tubes
  • Cooling only with outdoor air – no air circulation required
  • Concrete core cooling with supply air is an efficient, ecological and economical system

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