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    Reference projects

    From individual components to entire ventilation plants, Kiefer has already realised a diverse range of outstanding buildings.

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An initial insight into our various projects

We work for renowned architects, engineering firms and building owners and realise projects for customers in all sectors around the world. Be inspired by an exclusive selection of projects featuring air diffusers, chilled ceilings and various plant engineering projects. Complete reference lists you can easily download here ».

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Kiefer Luft- und Klimatechnik GmbH

Kiefer GmbH is a leading company in the field of ventilation and air-conditioning technology. The range of services includes consulting, planning and execution of plant engineering in both comfort and industrial sectors as well as installation and maintenance. For more than 3 decades, Kiefer has also been selling worldwide high-quality ventilation components, such as linear diffusers, wall passages, displacement outlets, chilled ceiling panels and modules for concrete core cooling, all developed in the company's own laboratories.


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