Wall Air Passage INDULSNAP

INDULSNAP is the first wall air passage with integrated cross-talk sound attenuator that disappears completely into the drywall. Excellent attenuation values meet high expectations. The proven INDUL discharge profile combines high performance with great comfort.

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The strengths of INDULSNAP


Owing to the high temperature difference, there is excellent energy-saving potential through the use of free cooling.


Integration of cross-talk sound attenuators means there is no requirement for corridor space; provision for flexible axes thanks to a combined diffuser for supply and extract air; low floor height as there is no need for suspended ceilings.


Draught-free air distribution and room flushing to a room depth of 7 m, input attenuation ≥ 34 dB between 125 and 8000 Hz, making cross-talk sound attenuators superfluous.


The ducts for supplying and extracting air are preferably in the hollow ceiling space of the corridor. The main distribution lines with the crossing connection lines to the individual rooms are laid in this tiny space. There is usually very little space available for cross-talk sound attenuators to prevent voice transmission from room to room. INDULSNAP with integrated silencer is the ideal solution for such system concepts.

Sizes 24 / 45 mm slot width
Installation lengths 550, 860, 1000, 1200 mm special lengths on request
Temperature difference up to – 8 K
Input attenuation ≥ 34 dB
Air flow rate 70 – 250 m³/hm
The classical INDULSNAP ambient air flow

INDULSNAP ambient air flow

The specially developed discharge geometry produces fine individual jets. Ambient air can be induced effectively on the surfaces of the individual jets.


Wall Air Passage INDULSNAP ambient air flow videos

Installation situation

The decorative, high-quality air guide profiles of INDULSNAP can be fitted from the room side by means of a snap connector and are equally easy to remove again. This supports fast construction and provides accessibility for cleaning purposes in accordance with VDI 6022.

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