Displacement Air Outlet INDUQUELL

Ultimate thermal comfort for various application ranges.

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The strengths of INDUQUELL


The markedly high temperature differences of up to – 8 K for displacement air outlets allow for energy-efficient operation.


INDUQUELL is configured according to the technical requirements and designed to fit the architectural challenges.


The combination of a displacement air outlet with air guide elements generates a low ambient air velocity in the occupied zone, even with large temperature differences.


In the case of conventional displacement air systems, the supply air is fed to the room gently with little turbulence. Displacement air systems are characterised by low air velocities and low temperature differences between the supply air and ambient air in the occupied zone. Owing to the combination with the inductive air guide elements developed by Kiefer, INDUQUELL is, on the contrary, capable of high temperature differences of up to –8K with greater comfort.

Temperature difference up to -8 K
Type individual as area, pillar or skirting passage
Colours RAL of choice
Air guide elements black or light grey (RAL 7035), other colours possible on request
Optional Decorative perforated sheet cover

Ambient air flow INDUQUELL and discharge characteristic


Installation situation

Whether as an architectural highlight in the form of a free-standing column, or discreetly integrated into balustrades, cupboards or skirting, the wide variety of designs, sizes and shapes of INDUQUELL offers plenty of freedom in design.

  • Air Outlet - INDUQUELL

    The Fontenay Hamburg - new luxury hotel with unique air quality and the highest standards of design and functionality.
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    Photo © The Fontenay Hamburg


  • Air Outlet - INDUQUELL

    An unusual solution for the Scharoun Theater in Wolfsburg. Supply air is supplied directly to the theatre visitors via a double backrest.

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    Photo © Lars Landmann

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