Air Diffuser INDULCLIP

High comfort, interesting design and proven technology - the INDULCLIP combines everything. The large induction of room air makes it possible to cope with large cooling loads and creates draught-free room air conditions. The air diffuser can be used universally for a feel-good climate in offices, retail properties and hospitals, among other places.

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The strengths of INDULCLIP


Low pressure losses and high temperature differences are the prerequisite for energy-efficient operation throughout the air-conditioning plant.


A range of different design options, shapes and colours allows the architect to add creative accents with this type of diffuser too. Special designs allow plenty of scope for the architect's personal vision and design ideas. A ceiling air diffuser does not always have to be round or square!


Kiefer air guide elements are optimised in terms of flow technology, enabling draught-free introduction of air even in demanding conditions.


The clip elements specially developed by Kiefer enable high induction, i.e. high temperature differences of up to –12K between the supply and ambient air are quickly dissipated to achieve draught-free air distribution. This means energy efficiency together with a high cooling capacity for operation of the ventilation plant since there is no need to heat the outdoor air after heat recovery in the central unit.

Sizes 300 mm - 800 mm
Types round and square
Supply air temperature difference up to –12K
Air flow rate 100 - 1500 m³/h
Room heights 2.3 m to approx. 8 m
Front plate RAL of choice
Single elements black or light grey (RAL 7035), other colours possible on request
Butterfly damper adjustable from the room

Types of air flow

The air jets flowing trough the air guide elements generate a stable tangential flow flush with the ceiling. The Coanda effect draws the jet to the ceiling. Ther resulting induction of the ambient air causes both temperature and velocity to fall to optimum levels.

Flow video INDULCLIP

Installation situation

INDULCLIP is suitable for installation in all current ceiling systems.

Design Types

INDULCLIP designs are available in round or square white coated front panels.


  • Air Diffuser - INDULCLIP

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  • Air Diffuser - INDULCLIP

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