Air Diffuser INDULCLIP Z-A

Supply and extract air diffuser in a compact unit. Two in one: this diffuser comprises one zone for supply and extract air. This provides more freedom for creative ceiling design. It also saves costs in investment, installation and maintenance.

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The strengths of INDULCLIP Z-A


Low supply air temperatures allow for high energy-saving potential through the use of free cooling.


A reduction of up to 50% in the number of diffusers allows more scope for ceiling design.


Tried-and-tested, highly inductive air guide elements provide for a draught-free ambient air flow.


INDULCLIP Z-A is a combined supply and extract air diffuser in a compact design. The supply air section in the external region of the unit supplies the air to the room via a ceiling air diffuser of proven design. Highly inductive and comfortable, even at high temperature differences of up to –10K and large air flow rates. The extract air passing through the centre of the air diffuser enters the extract air system of the ventilation plant by means of a connection socket.

Sizes 600 x 600mm / 625 x 625mm
Types square
Supply air temperature difference up to - 10 K

Types of air flow

The air jets flowing trough the air guide elements generate a stable tangential flow flush with the ceiling. The Coanda effect draws the jet to the ceiling. Ther resulting induction of the ambient air causes both temperature and velocity to fall to optimum levels.

Flow video INDULCLIP Z-A

Installation situation

INDULCLIP Z-A is suitable for installation in all current system ceilings. Access to installed elements via the front plate for purposes of maintenance and cleaning is retained (VDI 6022). Type RQF does not require adjacent ceiling surfaces for draught-free air supply and can therefore be used in rooms without suspended ceilings.

Installation situation
Compact unit INDULCLIP Z-A
for supply and exhaust air
Front plate of INDULCLIP Z-A RQD
suitable for ceiling installation
Front plate of INDULCLIP Z-A RQF
Suitable for installation without a suspended ceiling
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