Kiefer – Feel-good atmosphere for more than 130 years

    Because good quality air in draught-free rooms promotes the wellbeing of every employee, our products stand for draught-free air distribution together with an attractive design and optimum energy efficiency.


    Air diffusers, chilled ceilings and concrete core cooling with air are at the heart of our product range – both as standardised products and in the form of project specific special solutions.

    Photo © Bruno Klomfar


    Modern ventilation systems, expert technical design and years of experience speak for us.

    Photo © Sparkassenverband Baden-Württemberg


    In the Kiefer Development Centre, covering around 400 m², innovative air-conditioning engineers are working on the future. In our ambient air flow laboratory we carry out targeted analyses of the comfort conditions for your projects – full service from a single source.

Großer Preis des Mittelstandes

4923 companies and institutions were nominated for the 23rd "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes". In Baden-Württemberg, a total of 129 companies made it through to the next stage. Kiefer is proud to have made the shortlist for the fourth time in a row. Read more…

Product Innovation: Active Acoustic Sail System - INDUSAIL SYSTEM

Multifunctional system which combines the fields of acoustics, lighting, cooling and ventilation to offer maximum flexibility when designing the office landscape. Find out more...

BTGA honours the best Apprentices

Once again, a commercial apprentice at Kiefer received the award for best apprentice in the BTGA [The Federal German Industrial Association for Building Services and Technical Installations]. Read more...


Sebastian-Lotzer-Middle School, Memmingen
Many different system technologies were called upon to satisfy the advanced energy requirements of the modernisation project at the Sebastian-Lotzer-Middle School in Memmingen. Our CONCRETCOOL concrete core cooling ventilation system, combining component tempering and ventilation, played a central part in meeting the demanding air conditioning requirements. Find out more..

Photo © Klaus Mauz

Linear Diffuser INDUL

Narrow, highly inductive linear diffuser for high comfort and unobtrusive installation here in the John-Jacob-Astor ballroom at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Berlin. Find out more on the product page or go straight to the reference project.

Photo © Waldorf Astoria Berlin


The functional and aesthetic chilled ceiling system by Kiefer in the Engel technology centre in Schwertberg. Find out more on the product page.


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